Type notification


This type represents an item in a user's Notification Tab.

Be aware that the types of items returned by this method are subject to change at any time. In particular, new types may be introduced without warning. Applications should deal with these changes gracefully.

Applications should not publish a user's notification tab without their explicit consent, as while most item types are public in nature there are a few which are (and should remain) private.


body 2.1
unchanged in unsafe filters

creation_date 2.1

is_unread 2.1

notification_type 2.1
one of generic, profile_activity, bounty_expired, bounty_expires_in_one_day, badge_earned, bounty_expires_in_three_days, reputation_bonus, accounts_associated, new_privilege, post_migrated, moderator_message, registration_reminder, edit_suggested, substantive_edit, or bounty_grace_period_started

post_id 2.1
integer, refers to a post
may be absent

site 2.1

Fields marked with are included in the default filter, those marked with are excluded in the default filter.


Methods That Return This Type