Usage of /search GET


Searches a site for any questions which fit the given criteria.

This method is intentionally quite limited. For more general searching, you should use a proper internet search engine restricted to the domain of the site in question.

At least one of tagged or intitle must be set on this method. nottagged is only used if tagged is also set, for performance reasons.

tagged and nottagged are semi-colon delimited list of tags. At least 1 tag in tagged will be on each returned question if it is passed, making it the OR equivalent of the AND version of tagged on /questions.

The sorts accepted by this method operate on the following fields of the question object:

  • activitylast_activity_date
  • creationcreation_date
  • votesscore
  • relevance – matches the relevance tab on the site itself
    • Does not accept min or max
activity is the default sort.

It is possible to create moderately complex queries using sort, min, max, fromdate, and todate.

This method returns a list of questions.

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